Kalindi Khal Expedition

  • Location Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand
  • Type Expedition
  • Length 16 Nights 17 Days
  • Best Season Mid June - July & August
  • Level Tough
  • Altitude 5946 m/19500 ft

The Big Daddy of all treks in Garhwal, and covering a total distance of 99 Kms, the high altitude trekking route from Gangotri – Badrinath, via Kalindikhal is popularly known is Kalindikhal Pass Trek. The trek is full of thrill and adventure and requires some fundamental knowledge of mountaineering. The trek embarks from Gangotri across the Kalindi Khal. The arduous 99 kms that commences at Gangotri (3048 mts), passes through Gaumukh (3892 mts), Nandanvan (4500 mts), Vasuki Tal (5300 mts), Kalindi Base (5590 mts), Kalindi Khal (5948 mts) and then descends to Arwa Tal (3980 mts), Ghastoli (3600 mts) and ends at Badrinath (3100 mts). The route passes through one of the most breathtaking mountainscape under the shadow of great peaks of Garhwal – Bhagirathi II, III & I, Shiblinga, Basuki, Chandraparbat, Satopanth etc, and covering terrain over boulders, glaciers, scree, and snow. The specialty of the trek is that it takes you half way round Garhwal from the Bhagirathi river Valley to the Alaknanda river Valley. This trip is advised only for those who have a prior experience of high altitude treks. The very mention of this trek gives even seasoned veterans of the trekking community a thrill, as some of the stretches on this trip are not for the faint hearted!

The trail moves on to Vasuki Tal (4900 M). With towering peaks all around the lake, its surface shimmers like a pearl and is the source of the River Vasuki Ganga that drains into the river Mandakini. One proceeds to cross the Kalindikhal pass (5968 M), a tough climb from where one feels that there is little else left to be see. It is as if you are a part of this majestic setting of snow peaks. The trail then descends to Arwa Tal and to Mana the last village on the Chinese frontier. The trek fittingly ends at Badrinath with a visit to the holy temple.

Itinerary (Day by Day)

Day 1

Rishikesh - Uttarkashi (170 kms/ 4 - 5 hrs)

Day 2

Uttarkashi - Gangotri (3048 m/ 10,000 ft) Drive (250 kms).

Day 3

Bhoj Kharak - Kedar Kharak (4 - 5 hrs)

Day 4

Kedar Kharak - Kedar Tal (4 - 5 hrs)

Day 5

Kedar Tal - Bhoj Kharak (4 - 5 hrs)

Day 6

Bhoj Kharak - Gangotri (4 - 6hour)

Day 7

Gangotri - Bhojwassa (3792 m/12440 ft) Trek (14 kms)

Day 8

Bhojwassa - Nandanvan (4337 m/14230 ft) Trek (6 kms / 3-4 hrs)

Day 9

Nandanvan - Vasuki Tal (4880 m/16000 ft) Trek (6 kms / 4-5 hrs)

Day 10

Vasuki Tal - Khara Pathar (Suralya Bamak) (5480 m/17975 ft) Trek (6 kms/3-4 hrs)

Day 11

Khara Pathar - Kalindikhal Base (5500 m/18040 ft) Trek (8 kms / 4-5 hrs). Trek to Sweta Glacier (5500 mt).

Day 12

Kalindikhal Base - Raja Parav (4910 m/16105 ft) Trek (12 kms)

Day 13

Raja Parav - trek to Arwatal (3910 mt)

Day 14

Arwa Tal - Ghastoli (3796 m/12450 ft) Trek (16 kms / 5-6 hrs)

Day 15

Ghastoli - Mana - Badrinath (3096 m/10155 ft) Trek (18 kms / 5-6 hrs)

Day 16

Badrinath - Joshimath

Day 17

Joshimath - Rishikesh 257 km


Tent, Local Homestay, Hotels or Resorts, Rest House according to the Altitude


Non Veg & Veg (Traditional & Continental)


Tent, Mattresses, Sleeping Bags, Sitting Chairs as required, Utensils, etc. (all are branded)


Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Rock Craft, Snow Craft, River Crossing, Zipline, etc. as required


We have well experienced guides who has good knowledge of flora & fauna

Supporting Team

Our supporting team is well experienced and active


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