Mount Baljuri Expedition

  • Location Bageshwal, Uttarakhand
  • Type Expedition
  • Length 18 Days
  • Best Season Mid May to Mid October
  • Level Tough
  • Altitude 5911 m

Positioned in the fascinating region of Bageshwar in Uttarakhand, Mount Balijuri is a snow-covered mountain located in the close proximity to the Pindari Glacier. This peak is at a lofty elevation of 5922 meters. The climb to Balijuri does not require a sound knowledge technical climbing. A slight knowledge of climbing is enough to take a tour to this imposing peak. Weather plays a significant role to climb the peak as the area experiences long stretches of bad climate. The trail to Mount Balijuri incorporates breathtaking landscapes and serenity that rejuvenates the minds of the adventure enthusiasts.

This 19 nights and 20 days itinerary takes the travelers to the majestic peak of Mount Baljuri. The expedition includes exploring various exquisite regions such as Dhakuri, Phurkia and Pindari Glacier. The tour is certain bliss for all the adventurers with an inclination towards witnessing nature’s grandeur.

Itinerary (Day by Day)

Day 1

Kathgodam to Almora 95 km by taxi 3-4 hr drive

Day 2

Almora to Loharkhet by taxi 143 km 4-5 hr drive

Day 3

Loharkhet to Dhakuri 11 km trek 5-6 hr

Day 4

At Dhakuri Camp for acclimatization, equipment recheck, etc.

Day 5

Dhakuri to Dwali camp 19 km trek 6-7 hr

Day 6

Dwali camp to 0 point camp in tent also base camp 13km trek 4-5 hr

Day 7

At base camp rest and rout opening to camp 1

Day 8

Occuping camp 1 (4085 mt)

Day 9

Opening camp 2(4985 mt)

Day 10

Occuping camp 2(4985 mt)

Day 11

Summit 5911 mt and back to camp 2

Day 12

Summit 5911 mt and back to camp 2

Day 13

Camp 2 to base camp

Day 14

Base camp to Dwali 13 km trek

Day 15

Dwali to Dhakuri 19 km trek

Day 16

Dhakuri to Almora 11 km trek 142 km by taxi

Day 17

Almora to Kathgodam 96 km by taxi and departure


Tent, Local Homestay, Hotels or Resorts, Rest House according to the Altitude


Non Veg & Veg (Traditional & Continental)


Tent, Mattresses, Sleeping Bags, Sitting Chairs as required, Utensils, etc. (all are branded)


Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Rock Craft, Snow Craft, River Crossing, Zipline, etc. as required


We have well experienced guides who has good knowledge of flora & fauna

Supporting Team

Our supporting team is well experienced and active


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